Sweeter in a Sweater – Knitting Songs of WWII

Sweeter in a Sweater - Knitting Songs of World War II

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During the Second World War, there was once again a need for knitting. One official Red Cross guide was prefaced with the following statement:

“Knitting is no longer a pleasant hobby. No one makes jokes about knitters now, for knitting is no joke. It is a great war industry, run by an unnumbered host of workers who ask no pay, who expect no profits… it is important war work.”

Tin Pan Alley and the federal government teamed up to produce war songs to inspire the American public to support the fight against the Axis, believing that the right music would be ‘vital to the war effort.’ This was headed by the Office of War Information, which believed that the right songs would be the ideal way to spread patriotic sentiments.


As with the songs from WWII, this music has been essentially ‘lost’ since the war’s end. In the CD ‘Sweeter in a Sweater’, Melanie Gall is bringing back 15 of these fascinating pieces. In these and other knitting songs are reflected the joys, hopes and fears of the women on the homefront.

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